Sam Dowden at The Thomas Tripp Feb 2014

Imagine it's summer, the end of a hot day and you're sitting somewhere with a chilled glass of something. What you need to complete the picture is a mellow and thoughtful act to round the day off. Devon based singer songwriter Sam Dowden would definitely be your man.

Sam has a really approachable and sunny style. His upbeat tunes belie a thoughtful tenor to his lyrics. I'd urge you to check out his Bill Hicks tribute.

Turning up towards the end of a gruelling tour around the pubs of the South West Sam met a Thomas Tripp seeming enthralled by Manchester City's apparent inability to control a Barcelona midfield and an on fire Lionel Messi. Consequently his set was, for the most part performed to a large number of backs. Thankfully TTT at least turned off the sound on a frankly dire Andy Townsend.


Undeterred Sam launched into a lively set with a few covers and some original material from his album 'Out of the blue'.

Credit has to go to Sam who even got the terraces singing to 'Everybody's talkin' and it is always good to get some Nilsson on a Tuesday night.

Sadly the audience participation waned as soon as a penalty was awarded which was shame because they missed the excellent 'Lucky stars', again an upbeat song with summery happy feel.

A cover of Passengers' 'Let her go' followed which again was done well and under appreciated although as half time arrived the crowd turned around and began to enjoy Sam's work a little more.

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