Saturday Sun @ The Winch

You can't beat a bit of school night fun and Wednesday sees Saturday Sun roll up at The Winchester.

The suns are in the middle of a 13 date tour of the Souths' best festivals and music venues and their 'homecoming' gig is set for local favourite The Winch.

These guys have been getting rave reviews for their stuff and even featured as 'band of the day' in The Guardian which can't be bad.

We've seen them a  few times now including Grooves on the Green and supporting Worry Dolls and have been very impressed.

Saturday Sun play an original blend of Americana, folk and indie but include tracks that don't conform to the standard verse/chorus and songs like 'Whale Song' and 'Seagull' push the band into the psychedelic orbit of a Pink Floyd.

Tickets are only £4 and can be had on the door.

you can find more on Saturday sun

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The paper shades can be found

On soundcloud 

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and on their own site


The haunting vocals of Alex Hedley in tracks such as 'Blinded by the truth' meld with sympathetic  guitar work from Billy Merrick and the excellent Bass from Tobias Fitton and Drums of Allan Varnfield come to the fore with the more indie/rock influenced tracks evidenced by 'Peaked'.

 I have no inside track on what the setlist will be but you can expect something different from these guys.

Saturday Sun are due to be supported by The marvellous Paper Shades.


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