Solid Air at Chaplins – 14/4/14

Forrest Gump

I jokingly said to Mrs Gigsandbands that going to a solid air night at Chaplins is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get and I'm very pleased to say that Monday was no exception. Sadly the billed Yasmin Samadi was a no show but what we got was certainly not a disappointment.

Kicking off the night was the irrepressible Robin Joynson with a style that can best be described as undescribeable. I'll give it a go though.

Robin doesn't have the clearest voice in the world, which initially proves a barrier however before long the witty, self deprecating lyrics sneak through into your frontal lobes.Start off with thinking about Morrissey lyrics including such gems as "Lonely desperate virgin",  "Fiery pits of hell", "Alcoholic sex addicted creep" and then move on to the chutzpah Billy Bragg guitar and humour of Jasper Carrot and you have a kind of happy go lucky Emo-Folk act that leaves you with a proper warm feeling. Robin did possibly the best obligatory break up song I have ever heard.

Check Robin out on soundcloud and listen to the lyrics! or facebook and like

Third up to the plate was Toby Thorne a man with a voice that can silence Chaplins cellar bar (but in a good way). In a first appearance since breaking his wrist snowboarding, Toby proved what one man with a guitar and a hatfull of good songs can do.

I really enjoyed Toby's set and so did the assembled punters. Admittedly he brought a number of them with him so they were somewhat partisan however that's not to say it wasn't well deserved. I'd heartily recommend checking out his soundcloud page to hear what he can do and of course like his page on facebook.

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Following that was always going to be hard but Andy Goddard one of the newcomers to the Bournemouth music scene did a fine job. Having moved down to Bournemouth to study at the university Andy is also studying at the university of gigsville as he continues to appear at local live venues.

I was initially impressed with his appearance at Chaplins back in January (I'm still not convinced by the hat though) and he again brought his own tracks and played them with aplomb. There's a real progression there that great to see. Sadly for music fans though as Andy explained later, he's going to be concentrating on his dissertation during the summer so fewer bookings. He does hope to be back in the studio in the autumn though.

We got another good performance from Andy and you can hear more of his stuff on soundcloud or indeed check out the old facebook thing

Finally we had a storming set from local favourite Logan Carter who said somewhat surprisingly that he'd never worked the cellar bar before.

With a beautiful folksy sound Logan marries virtuoso playing with thoughtful lyrics providing a wonderful end to a most excellent evening. Check Logan out on soundcloud  here and please make time to read his profile. you can also find a facebook profile here

It's probably well at this point to pay tribute to an unsung hero in Conrad Barr who engineers and looks after the solid air nights at Chaplins, the bar staff who are always happy to have a chat and a laugh and of course Harry for supporting live music so comprehensively. G&B thanks you.

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