Solid Air at Chaplins 3-2-14

Magna Rose

In contrast the brother and sister combo Magna Rose burst onto the stage with a lively rendition of their own composition 'Don't ever wrong your woman (the na na na song)'

Alex's technically strong guitar combined with Amy's undoubted stage presence provided a set of real value as they gave the crowd mainly upbeat, catchy songs penned by themselves.

Halfway through the pair separated and a clearly nervous Alex worked his way through a Mumfords number before admitting that this was his first time on his own in front of a real live crowd. Well done Alex.

Amy's greater experience showed as she gave us one of her own compositions with fine axe work, lovely vocals and great big dustbin sized sacks of stage presence, before the siblings reunited to finish their set in style.

All in all the promise of one of the brighter up and comers in the area was fulfilled with a very enjoyable middle of the evening.

Magna Rose website
Twatter = @Magnarose1

Tin Thin String Band

Kicking off a rather low key evening at Chaplins was the awkwardly named Tin Thin String Band.

A somewhat small crowd was treated to the first ever gig by this combo of Bass, Guitar and Violin.

Sadly all did not go well and the inexperience showed as a rather shaky first ever set creaked unsteadily along.

More work needed I feel.

The High Cs

The crowd in Chaplins thickened towards the end of the night and they were treated to a high energy appearance by the High Cs.

I'm not sure how to describe their style other than to say it combines rockabilly, folk, indie and flute with some bells added in.

A difficult soundcheck and pinging string made sure they didn't have an easy ride but they had the crowd dancing from the very first number.

Mainly their own stuff, the set was lively and well done and much appreciated by the punters.

I enjoyed their work as did my colleagues by the bar.

All in all another successful Solid Air night at Chaplins

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