Solid Air – Chaplins 13 January 2014

Solid Air

Where else can you see 6 acts, in convivial surroundings with (mainly) other music lovers and for free?

Chaplins is a stalwart of the local music scene and this wet Monday night proved to be another success

Andy Goddard

Andy kicked off the night with a few of his self penned tracks and to be fair it was always going to be difficult going first with such a strong line up to follow, however Andy didn't disappoint.

I'm not massively convinced by the hat though.

Citizen Perez

The irrepressable Citizen Perez followed up and provided the smallish crowd with a fun and enjoyable set.

Fans of the metal kazoo would have been impressed as this vital part of perez's armoury was given a virtuoso outing

For the women sat in front of me - the way he got it to stay on the microphone was by taping it on! Grrr.

Yasmin Samadi

She must get sick of people saying this but it's amazing how such a powerful voice can come out of such a small package.

What Yasmin Samadi lacks in stature she more than makes up for in soul with a fantastic powerful voice that captivated the audience.

Ably assisted by Paul Savage Yasmin gave us a great set that was much appreciated by all there.

Kimari Raven

If you've been to any amount of gigs in the local area then it's 10-1 that you've come across Kimari Raven.

Billed as a cross between Joni Mitchell and someone else who's name escapes me Kimari is well known and loved around town.

Her self penned stuff has an air of sadness mixed with hope and a twinkle in the eye and Monday's set lived up to expectations.

You really need to check out her stuff on soundcloud and if you see her on a playbill then you need to go.

Tom Clements

TommyC provides a superb set full of life and vigour

He writes most of his stuff but also slips in the odd cover. Stunning use of the loop pedal means that he produces a sound much larger than the single geetar he strums.

Finished off with an amazing 'Sultans of swing' he proved the adage 'saving the best for last' and sent the crowd home happy and no doubt enthralled.

All in all a fantastic night at Chaplins


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