Soulhole – Abazar launch party

Local favourites Soulhole decided that what you need to launch an album is a big old gig with a couple of amazing acts and what a gig it was!

With the crowd packed in tighter than a camels arse in a sandstorm, Chaplins was the perfect place for the chaps to inflict Abazar upon the world.

We decided to go along as part of the G&B beer checking service and the G&B crew are pleased to report that the Southbourne Brewery is producing fine fare.

If you want read more random rambings on the album then you can have a read of what we thought here but suffice it to say we liked it.


What you want for a good gig is a decent support act but 'headliners 101' states that you shouldn't get someone better than you. A couple of the Soulhole chaps said they were a bit worried about how good Kaia Viera was with her new band and indeed as it turned out they were right to be.

It's an exciting departure for Kaia and one that is both correctly timed and interesting.

We've always thought highly of her talent as she has a fine voice and plays well but the addition of drums and keys gave her set an added dimension.

For most of the set what we got was an excellent female fronted trio. We could have been happy with that but for the last song. Ms Viera announced it as 'experimental' but what followed was full on 'Indiana' (The girl not the state).

There are a number of locals who think that Kaia has something special and Saturday started to look like a real move up in class. For me this elevated Kaia over and above your good local act and I for one would really like to see more of the said experimentation.

From the crowd reaction on Saturday it was clear that I wasn't alone. yes the attendees were probably a little partisan but they loved it too. 1-0 to Kaia. Soulhole would have to go some to match that.


The another first - the first time I've ever heard a band segue from a BeeGees number into Ian Dury. Which was nice.

We get 'Shock!Shock!' for which the video was done not a million miles away from the stage, and 'Bag of fun' which was.

Then we get another segue with a massively appreciated Doctor Who theme going into insomnia and all of a sudden it's 1996 and bigfishlittlefishcardboardbox.

A hot and sweaty night comes to an end and as we mooch off into the night I'm left to reflect on a highly successful launch. It shouldn't of course be a surprise as they've got some great material to work with in the form of their most excellent album Abazar and of course they are a triffic band.

In terms of the match between Ms Vieras' new band and Soulhole? Well it was a 1-1 draw until Doctor Who. Then they boys got it. They need to watch it though!

Following a short intermission Soulhole took to the stage and immediately stepped up.

They are a hard working band and immediately own the venue launching into a tight 'Ancient Scrolls' and through the brilliant 'Stephanie'.

The sardine like crowd responded and the heat in the room hit something around gas mark 5 as we were treated to the album in full live technicolor.

Despite the odd technical gremlin the set flew by with all the favourites in there. The highly enjoyable 'Cycle Sue' can be seen in our special shaky video edition on the right.

Then we get a further treat as the hereforeto mentioned Kaia gets back up on stage for a bonzer 'stayin alive'. It was almost like the Gibb brothers were in the room.

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