Sound the Siren + Details Below – review

Ah potential, that oft maligned word…

Used pejoratively to describe bands that have left their game in the changing room for too long, potential is perhaps an unwanted epithet for any band, but when used to describe our two bands in question, it depicts acts who have all the makings of fine groups.

A hot July night saw us making the short trek along to The Winch to see a couple of acts that we have long promised to watch but never managed to see.

Ably filling the support slot, Details Below are a young band who have been doing the rounds locally for a few months playing their mix of originals and interesting covers.

Clearly a very technically able band, they were well fronted by the lovely Maria Green who has a wonderful, willowy voice that counterpoints the band's alt-rock style.

Kicking off with 'House of the Rising Sun' is a bold statement to make and it set the scene for what turned out to be an enjoyable set.

Given that this was their first ever Winch gig they did remarkably well and included in the set were a number of their own compositions. Particularly impressive was the bass of Mat Woods who stood out in this guitar heavy band.

The Fall gives free reign to the aforementioned guitars with an impressive break and Green's voice is well suited.

Sounding eversolike another local band, Never underestimate echoes Empire Affair with a twangy lead and again agreeable solo.

A brave song choice for the night featured  Baby you can drive my car, Zombie, Joleen and Whole Lotta Love, some of which worked and some which didn't. Including covers is important for a band starting out as they may well not have enough original material to fill a set but it's a tricky path to follow. In general though they made a good fist of matching song choice to the vocal range of Maria.

Overall I enjoyed the set very much but felt that the band appeared more convincing with their original stuff. This may be a harsh assessment given the fact that this was their first time at The Winch but I reckon that they have the technical chops to start pushing out and taking a few risks with their delivery.

Details Below are a fine band and ones to watch.

Sound the Siren, fronted by the effervescent Heather Crabbe are a four piece metal outfit from Poole.

It was pleasure to have a night with two female fronted bands. There is a surfeit of chaps in rock and the more ladies we get into the business the better IMHO.

Al was impressed by the graunchy style of these guys and they set their stall out early doors with a brace of covers by Sinead O'Connor and Linkin Park. Exalted company indeed.

Hev worked hard to produce some form of atmosphere in a sparsely attended gig and to a large extent succeeded as the crowd began to respond to her efforts.


Incidentally don't judge the band by the sound on the video, I was using the mic on the DSLR which is notoriously bad!

Their metal sound bordered on core but stayed on the head bobbing , listenable side with accessible tunes and distinguishable lyrics.

I really enjoyed 'Badass' and Al preferred 'Say my name' so proving that music is, as ever subjective. Hev worked really well and her likeable style made the set. I also loved the bright red corset that made for some half decent photos.

Again, Sound the Siren are a competent band with the skills to do well. Sadly, and I suspect this was true of both bands, they found it difficult to gain and sustain momentum due to the relatively light crowd.

I also feel that maybe they are still searching for their definitive sound, once that comes they will be a formidable act. A good summer playing festivals and gigs and a bit of autumn time writing may well sort that one out and I'm looking forward to hearing the results.

All in all we enjoyed the night. Two bands that worked hard to give the crowd a good night of live music and with the promise of more to come.

Potential can sometimes be a good thing after all!

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