Southern Corruption

Did you know that kids born in the 2000s are in bands now? Did you? Feel old?

Seriously though folks it's nice to see young bands breaking through, especially when they turn out to be of the quality of Southern Corruption.

Mooching up to the Barrington to see Black Water County I kind of got the feeling that the BWC lads had taken pity on their mates/siblings in SC and given them a spot on the bill as an act of generosity but would it turn out to be misplaced?

They'd certainly been given a tough task as BWC generally steal the show in one fashion or another. 

As the band warmed up into their set Bass Keenan Lang-jones had to be on his game for a good 'Black night' and did a damn fine job as he did all night against a set list that wasn't perhaps always conducive to a bass (I'm a believer anyone?).

I was struck by how well stand in drummer Will Harris was doing on drums (as he always does). His experience was IMHO really helping keep things on track and provided a perfect anchor for the band to revolve around. I was also reminded at this point of the youth of the band as the other three made Will look as old as me and that's damned old.

This is a good thing because with the quality of music coming from Southern Corruption it's easy to forget that at their age most boys are thinking about GCSEs and playing football in the park (mm jumpers for goalposts isn't it... eh?) rather than supporting rising stars on a good local bill. Massively impressive.

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First impressions were pretty good as they launched into rock covers standards from Jet and The Black Keys both of which were competently performed.

Vox Jonathan Lindop had a chance to impress with the AC/DC toon 'Back in Black' and he gave good account of what can be a very difficult song.

He again had to shine in the  GNR classic 'Welcome to the jungle' and here Max Harris was able to give us a taste of his emerging talent on lead.

The guys had an interesting set list with some rock classics that you'd expect to hear in any pub on any saturday but mixed with rocked up versions of Beatles, The Monkees and indie songs to give the punters a bit of variety.

Moving on we get the two stand out songs for me of the set. The band do an impressive 'Look good on the dance floor' followed by an even better 'Gay bar'. By this point they've got the crowd singing and the set is really starting to kick off.

We run seamlessly into 'I'm a believer' which I have hated with a passion since I was very young so the less said the better and finish off with Green Day's 'St Jimmy', again done very well indeed.

Surprised by the call for an encore (get used to it) the band leave us and I'm left feeling that we've had a very good warm up from a really competent band.

There were some bits that maybe didn't go smoothly, there were some bits that went really well. There are places that Southern Corruption could do better but that's not to say that they aren't a good band. On the local scene they are already looking like one of the more interesting covers bands and more importantly have a huge amount of potential and time to decide what they want to do.

I'm looking forward to seeing these guys develop over the next few months. A bit more age and a bit more experience will give us a Colt 45 but what will be more interesting will be to see what their original material turns out like.

Well done on a great set Southern Corruption.

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