St Leonards and St Ives club

Born of a classic Ex-servicemans club this place is deceptive and tardis like.

They are big on snooker and darts as you'd expect but they also have a habit of booking really good local bands.

The beer is cheap and plentiful and the carpet is flowery and the locals are a friendly bunch. For gig nights you don't have to be a regular either but they may or may not charge you a couple of quid to get in.

2 thoughts on “St Leonards and St Ives club

  1. Thank you for this and we are glad you like the bands. We are really working hard to give our members and visitors what they want and so we are happy for comments and suggestions. We are pleased that we are getting known as worth a visit.

    1. Liz thanks very much for your comments. – please feel free to send through your bookings and we’ll list them on the site. All the best G&B

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