Stunning result for Fearne

Local favourites Fearne chose to fund the final part of the their latest album through crowdfunding with remarkable results…

Our regular reader will know of our enjoyment of the music of the ensemble known as Fearne and we were greatly pleased to hear that they were planning on a follow up to their superb album 'Songs on Postcards' which hasn't left the car since we got a review copy.

However recording is an expensive process and like many bands today Fearne decided to fund the last part of the job through crowdfunding site Pledge Music

If you've never seen this before then you really should check it out. Pledge music is a way that fans and supporters of bands can pre order discs, get exclusive goodies and generally send love and happiness to their idols (but in the form of money). We like Pledge a lot even though they haven't even paid us to say that.

Bands normally set a target of funds to raise and it's usually met after a few weeks but such is the warm feeling that emanates towards the guys that their pledge reached its target inside 24 hours.

"We are over the moon with the response." Said Alex Bedrijczuk today  "We met our initial target in less than 24 hours which none of us expected because two years ago when we started a pledge campaign it took nearly the full 60 days."

Pre-ordering their album is a great way to show your support for the band comprised of Alex, Nick Bryson and Adam Pulfer. The good news though is that even if you weren't in the first round of pledges you can still pre-order the new disc provisionally titled "Five weeks at sea/Journey of a man" by going to HERE . There are also lots of goodies on offer too so snap some up whilst you're at it.

If you're still unsure why not check out their earlier works on soundcloud

and follow them on facebook

And check out their own site

Peace and love, Peace and love


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