Takedown Festival preview

Strong Line up at Takedown

Once again Takedown have announced a very strong line up for their festival season starter at Southampton Uni.

Alt-rockers Mallory Knox are headlining this year before they shoot off for what we reckon will be a very successful US tour. Might be an idea to catch them live before they go.

The theatrical and multi talented Fearless Vampire Killers are making an appearance following the release of their hit album Unbreakable Hearts and we think they are worth checking out if not for the music then for make up tips.

Griever are turning up and we're looking forward to seeing them live after they got a four star review for their new single from our Dean back in December

Essex rockers InMe have promised to play their debut album Overgrown Eden in it's full and glorious entirety at the festy and rumours abound of a triple album in the making. It will be interesting to see if they play any previously unheard stuff in March.

What do you do after you leave a successful boyband? Well in the case of Charlie Simpson you carve out one of the few music careers to achieve critical acclaim after producing pop dirge. Multi talented Simpson plays more instruments than someone who plays a lot of instruments and will no doubt be playing some of his excellent and more contemplative work from new album Long Road Home.

Takedown is a great festival for those new to the multiple (and multiplying) genres that are on the metallic side of rock. They manage to pack in a huge amount of talent spanning lighter alt rock all the way through to metalcore and any other genre name that has been invented in the last ten minutes. The message has to be don't expect boybands (oh wait...).

The venues are small, it being a campus so they fill up quickly but there's 5 stages and they're close together. You won't get bored. If you get hungry or thirsty then there is very reasonably priced food and drink available too.

If you're a bit ancient like me then you'll be pleased to know that the music finishes at 10.30 but there's an after party for those with more drinking to do. Personally I'll be shooting off home to process photos!

I'm not going to bother listing all the acts they've announced because there's a lot of them. Why not take a trip over to their  website and have a look round? or visit their facebook page and say hello.

Takedown Festival, Southampton University Campus 7th March 2015. Tickets are only £30. Doors from 12.30.

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