The Arrivals – Growler EP review

What is it with Portsmouth based bands? We like the ones called The Exits, now The Arrivals have launched an EP. They’ll calling a band The Doors next…

A couple of months ago we went off to see Zibras over at 60 Million Postcards. They were very good but supporting them that night were the superb Arrivals. It's one of those happy accidents that happen from time to time. You go along to see one band and make a discovery that makes you want to hear more.

Being a lightweight slacker I forgot entirely about writing up a review of the night but I'm happy to make up for it by taking a look at the bands' new release, especially as frontman Dan, drummer David, bassist Harry and Nathan on guitar have produced a thing of wonder.

The four track compendium belts into life with 'Sleeves', a surprisingly modish ditty giving us Foals/Two Door/Bombay Bicycle but with a tiny tinge of Secret Affair avec growling guitar notes.

You've deffo got Foals all the way with track 2, a prequel to the obligatory break-up song so beloved of these pages. 'Work it out' tells the story of unrequited love from the side of the git. She's too good for you fella.

Title track 'Growler', a guitar heavy anthem with intricate stylings sounds like the git has had a change of heart. She's too good for you fella.

And* finally we come to the track most likely to be used in a 6 Music Glastonbury trailer by the BBC. In 'Out of the dark' The Arrivals scream noughties indie from the top of the Spinnaker Tower but not in a bad way.

OOTD will have the armchair drummer beating along and the air guitarist reaching for their favourite pretend Fender. Catchy, beaty with a great break it's a close tie for favourite alongside Work it Out, the latter getting it by a head.

This EP shows The Arrivals are a band with a bright, fresh and resolutely indie sound and definitely to be watched.

* with no apologies to English teacher Mr Humphreys who slapped anyone starting a sentence with 'and'.

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