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From Hartlepool to not so sunny Bournemouth – We catch up with the Jar family on their whistle stop tour

Sometimes journos use the epithet 'hard working band' to describe a group that get up any time before 2 PM and get their own hummus out of the fridge.

In the case of The Jar Family I have no hesitation in tagging them such given the fact that they will be visiting 25 universities between now and the 6th of March as part of the 'Coffee House Sessions' tour.

I was lucky enough to meet up with the guys before the very first of the mammoth itinerary at Bournemouth University Student Unions' The Loft and we had a chat before their mighty impressive set.

Described variously as a punk/folk/industrial folk band the guys produce a mixture of dylanesque sounds such as the haunting '1914' and the rockier electric sounds of 'Machine' and it's a formula that seems to be working for them as they've been filling up their calendar with bookings far and wide.

Speaking to the guys they reckon that it's due to the wide range of influences they each bring to the band, allied to the fact that pretty much everyone is a singer songwriter and has some input.

Anyroadup the chaps pitched up at Bournemouth uni to do a short but sweet set of 5 original songs.

To be fair it was a difficult gig, placed as it was in a uni coffee house that emptied promptly 30 seconds before the next session of lectures began. Students milled about intently staring at their Iphones trying to work out why it was playing folk music, nevertheless the guys ploughed on and won a few admirers with their fun set and giveaways of beer (Mmmm free beer).

We took the opportunity to grab a copy of their latest album 'Jarmalade' and will be reviewing that in the next few days and also interviewed them for our new feature - 'come inside Natalias head' and they took it all in good part.

Too soon though the chaps were finishing up with 'I have to go' (see video) and indeed they had to be on their way as they were set to play Southampton uni an hour later.

We'll be looking for these chaps on the festival circuit because their recordings are awesome and I'm expecting a longer set on a bigger stage will be equally so.

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