The Larmer Tree festival Day 1

So I rock up at the gate collect my press pass and who's there but the inimitable Bleedin Noses. These guys won the final of the Larmer Tree competition last year and deservedly so.

Sadly though they've rocked up minus a bass player who's unavoidably detained by family problems and the journey from South Wales hasn't been uneventful.It's great to see them though and they're in great form. Certainly one to look forward to and I'm pleased to hear that they are doing 3 sets.

Off i set to work on the press brief - loads of crowd shots with people having a great time and it turns out it's not difficult cos there are indeed loads of people having a great time!

Before long it's time to go off and see the Bleedin Noses. They're ace as usual even without a bass. As I'm wandering round the back and I hear shout. It's Tim, Bradley and Gav from one of my fave local bands Black Water County. It turns out that Bradley is working as a volunteer and Gav and Tim are checking out whether The Ringwood Brewery have sent the right kegs of ale. They have.

We have a catch up and I introduce them to the Bleeding noses and we stand around having a chinwag whilst I'm supposed to be out and about shooting happy children (with a camera and not a gun). I head off and fire off some more shots. The missus turns up with a pint. She's lovely.

So we pitch up and throw the tent up. Swift brew then on to the press briefing. It's great to see the lovely Katy Mansell-Carter and it turns out we photographed her sister Zoe at the weekend and she's very complimentary about the pics.

We get the orders - lots of crowd shots, and find out that Sir Tom (or at least his press management) will only allow 2 songs between 9 togs. That means about 30 secs to blat off a few shots and get the hell out of there.

Quick chat with Alan from Sounds of Summer and Paul the tog I met at 60 MPC a couple of months back. Off for a mooch round the stalls. I've got my eye on a kangaroo skin drovers hat at only £65 quid! No corks though.

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