The lost boys – A better life

It's Friday night and you've just finished work. You've got a date with a girl from the Post Office so you get on your Lambretta, zip up your parka and trundle off in a haze of two stroke down to Bruccianis' coffee bar in the town centre.

She looks like a cool cat in her hipster pants and poor boy sweater. You've got to impress as you notice a Hermans' Hermits 45 sitting in her handbag so you saunter over to the jukebox and make a choice. The Beach Boys? The Animals? The Stones? Nah it needs to be a bit more hep. You go for The Lost Boys and 'A Better Life'

OK so it's not 1965 but with their latest single The Lost Boys drag us back to a simpler time when summers were longer, mars bars were bigger and you could have a night out and a bag of chips for 10/6d.(ask your grandad).

I first saw this band in July at the Pepper Presents Showcase and was immediately impressed with them so getting an advance copy of their new single was a welcome bonus in the old inbox.

Chuffing eck it's good.

On first listen you are immediately assaulted by a jangling billy J Kramer guitar with a satisfying hook that will turn into an earworm for sure.

We get a bit of Housemartins type lyrics along the way and the track is at the same time a throwback to the sixties and a move into the future for the hugely enjoyable band.

Thoroughly recommended on anyone's playlist The Lost Boys are a band to watch.

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