The Lost Boys – China in the sink – review

I think I've been busted by The Lost Boys

As anybody who writes about anything will tell you, you're putting your views out there for people to have a pop at regularly because the internet.

Listening to the new single by local faves The Lost Boys gives me an uneasy feeling they might be talking about me!

I first saw TLB a couple of years ago and loved their stuff.  They sit on the Mod/Indie side of the musical spectrum with a line in catchy riffs and busy melodies.

As the latest offering shows though they also like to pack their songs with a bit of a message and in China In The Sink there is most certainly a message.

The track kicks into life with a basic riff that will probably turn into an earworm after a couple of listens before the central indie/mod theme bounces into life.

As usual with TLB China is infused with the kind of twisty lyrics that we've come to expect from the chaps and a catchy, singable chorus that again lodges its way into your brain like a bad Star Trek creature (the original series, obvs) then appears again later when you are watching pointless celebrities.

The Lost Boys have a knack of gifting us the velvet glove of Hermans' Hermits bouncy tunes twinned with the iron fist of Welleresque lyrics. 

Speaking of which the chaps have been working heavily with the Paul Weller black barn studio and are getting some really impressive gigs with top line artists and that's great to see as they move on with their career.

C/W the A side single is Child's play, again heavily mod influenced and a song I can imagine in a 60s British movie where the kids 'do the show right here'. Another strong song that invokes a late summer evening and a cold beer.

The single is twinned with an excellent video, shot in Bournemouth that shows a music critic being mercilessly fed Lost Boys music until he succumbs.

Clearly we can't condone torture generally and specifically against music critics. It's not on. I'm now very nervous of attending any TLB gigs and will take a minder when I need a pee.

you can buy the single here

and you should check out the awesome vinyl deal they have.

TLB facebookery here




The Lost Boys at Southampton Engine Rooms
The Lost Boys at Southampton Engine Rooms

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