The New Thieves – Idiot – review

Local indie music lovers will enjoy this latest from TNT

Some time ago we enjoyed a performance by the lads of The New Thieves in a field in Dorset and predicted big things. I'm glad to say that the chaps are starting to deliver on their early promise with a fine new release.

Idiot probably says what we all want to on a daily basis, railing against the mummys' boys that we all come across from time to time, but twinned with a catchy central riff that forms the core of a fine indie track.

The three piece, featuring the vox and Bass of Robin Clark, Drums of James Gordelier and Guitar from Matt Alvis produce a big busy sound with plenty of garage chops.

Clark gives the lyrics a kind of distaste reserved for only the most annoying of acquaintances marrying it with a desperate resignation that people like that should exist at all. His live performances are full of energy and this comes across in the accompanying video.

The grumbling bass of Clark sits in the corner and has a damned good moan about it all, providing a backdrop to the sound without taking over in an overbearing way.

It seems a bit early to be suggesting that Britpop has spawned a revival as to some of us Blur and Pulp are still new bands but there is indeed a revival about and the instrumental lineage of the Roses and Mock Turtles is there but allied to a punky brattishness that sits them alongside the Slaves of this world.

The turn of the century sound is evident in Alvis' jangling axe and the piece is brought together with a strong drum line from Gordelier forming a spine to hang a set of indie clothes on. These guys weren't dropped on their heads as babies.

Full of the energy and chutzpah we've come to expect from The New Thieves Idiot delivers earworm spawning riffs that will stick with you for the rest of the day.

We look forward to seeing them live somewhere in Dorset in the near future.

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