The November 5 @Chaplins -review

We liked their recent single and they impressed last February – could they keep up their high standard at Chaplins?

We marched off to Chaplins with a spring in our step and a powerful thirst as one of our favourite bands of the last few months was making a return appearance at Boscombe's best music venue.

Luckily Chaplins had a couple of tidy ales on which I personally enjoyed very much and The November 5 were just finishing their sound check so all good there.

A surprisingly sparsely populated venue for a Friday night featured members of a thin crowd intent on wandering in and out of the garden for a fag and it's decidedly possible that this lack of interest from the punters lead to a somewhat tentative start from the chaps.

It must be hard for a band to get up a huge amount of enthusiasm when the people in the room are more interested in their phones than what is going on on stage.

Undeterred, the band ploughed on through their set and a crowd gradually formed. By the time they got to the impressive 'Hot chip' those venturing in from outside were starting to dance and the band turned up the wick.

The evening was topped off with bass and vox Joe going off for a wander in the crowd before inviting any young female he could find onto the tiny Chaplins stage and the set evolved into a party.

Overall it was an excellent night that despite the slow start ended on a massive high. Well done to the guys.


[blue_box]Set 1

Awake In A Daze
I Am The One
The Fine Line
We All Slide
Loose Lips
Hot Cell
Rip Up The Roots
I Demand
Cos I Told You So
Picking Up The Pieces

Set 2

Feed The Lie
Here I Stand
Here We Come
Good Cop Bad Cop
Living A Lie
Reach Out
A Little Knowledge
Early Warning
Throwing Rocks Against The Sun


Deeper Days [/blue_box]

A short intermission was followed by an exceptional second half proving the adage of a game of two halves. 

The November 5 are building a strong catalogue of sounds and they brought these to bear on the now filling Chaplins.

The bouncy, punchy 'Good cop, Bad cop'  was a highlight alongside new single 'A little knowledge' but pick for me had to be the punky 'Helicopter' with its jangling guitars and a beat like slap on the arse with a wet towel.

The chaps are off on a mini tour to promote the single release taking in venues as far apart as Sheffield and Walthamstow before sitting down to write and record some new material. If it's as good as their recent stuff then we're in for a treat.

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Some of the shots in a somewhat gloomy Chaplins


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