The November 5 – Single review

Stuart Walker reviews the latest issue from post punk rockers November 5 and likes what he hears

Some time ago the music cognoscenti of Bournemouth were treated to a stunning live show from London band The November 5.

We liked their live offering very much and it was a real pleasure when axe man Julian pinged a CD through to us for a listen. Disappointed?


A Little Knowledge kicks off exactly as we've come to expect from the chaps, with a big guitar shaped bang. There's no pretentious preamble, it's straight into a track that sounds like we've walked right into the middle of one of  their high energy sets.

 It'd be a mistake though to think that this is simply a thrash exercise by a mediocre band, these guys can not only play, they know how to craft a tune with the early smash in the face intro giving way to Joe Cribbins' vox. Throughout the track it's clear that the guys have thought about how things fit together rather than the oft heard argument about who's instrument gets turned up the loudest!

What's it about? Dunno. I've given up trying to get inside the heads of bands but from them lyrics it reminds me of a girl I used to know...

A little knowledge is a rollicking, bounding attack on the senses from start to finish. It grabs you by your saville row tie, drags you down an alley and tells you to 'Listen to this'.

The Single is backed with equally rambunctious Hot Cell which carries on the theme but for me in a more catchy foot tapping style. Jangling and off key. it's a love song Jim but not as we know it.

Both tracks sound like superb live fodder and the good news is that the good people of Boscombe have the opportunity to test my theory out as The November 5 are coming to Chaplins on the 13th March. Based on our experience last time then it should be a good night so Get yourself down there.

The Single A Little Knowledge is out on 9th March.


Find out more on the bands own site at

or on facebook

and you can have a listen to their most excellent older stuff on soundcloud

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