The November Five – Chaplins 7th Feb 2014

Music Journo Julian Marszalek brings a big KFC bucket sized portion of energy and pushes the band along with an almost early clash lead guitar

It's perhaps that early punk influence that moves Nov5 away from being a simple indie rock Killers clone and the sounds of the seventies and early eighties run through their album 'if you're satisfied you are dead' like the words in a stick of Bournemouth rock.

Tracks such as Helicopter have been compared to the Bunnymen but I'm channeling The Skids on this one.

Imagine a grown up Drenge (with a drummer and bass of course) and you're getting there.

The casual listener may be forgiven for thinking that the music is all that makes up November five and the tight and urgent sticks of George Phillips pounded the cellar bar into a frenzy of dancing and general merriment.

N5s lyrics however have an edge and a message. Probably best not to think about it too much on a Friday night in a hot and crowded Chaplins but I'd suggest checking out their most reasonably priced album

And when they visit the area again then make an effort and go see - you won't be disappointed.

November Five's album "If You're Satisfied You Are Dead" is out now. Available at gigs but also iTunes if you're an apple fanboi

We are Godzilla and you are Tokyo

A bold claim indeed but did November Five live up to it?

With tracks from their new album the quartet hit Chaplins with the force of the gales banging into the nearby pier

If those attending weren't windswept when they came in they certainly were by the time they left and Vocalist and Bass Joe Cribben powered through their original material with energy and slightly naughty glint in the eye.

Highly enjoyed by the tight crowd the band also looked like they were having a good time and a bit of banter ensued

Garry James' rhythm provided a spine to the sets and is especially in evidence in 'good cop bad cop' and dancing spontaneously erupted in the tiny venue. Unsurprising given the catchy and ball gripping thrust of the second set.

Not thrown off track by an erroneous fire alarm the chaps set to battering the punters into submission with a second half full of big bass rock.

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