The Thomas Tripp

The thomas Tripp Christchurch - From Gigs and Bands the best place for Live music fans in Bournemouth Christchurch and PooleThe Thomas Tripp is an example of how a pub should be run in the 21st century

This traditional old inne has invested heavily and the signs of everyone’s hard work are easy to see

First the important stuff – They keep a good selection of local real ales well and put on regular guest ales. I’m told there’s a fine choice of fruit based drinks for the ladies too.

They put on a varied diet of bands from folk to grunge and have open mike nights and comedy. Entertainment is not confined to weekends either as they have stuff going on throughout the week.

The inside bar area has a good sized u shaped bar that is manned by competent and friendly staff. From a gigs point of view the seating area is an excellent example of what can be done as the tables and chairs are cleared on gig nights leaving a superb crowd area. From a bands perspective I can see the stage area may well feel a little small although we’ve seen smaller!

During the week the Tripp put on an interesting menu which apparently includes dog food although I think they mean that to be fed to pets rather than your least favourite offspring,

Outside there is an extensive yard where the Tripp have spent even more money with probably the best appointed smoker’s area I’ve ever seen and a barbecue type grill with outside bar for those hot Christchurch afternoons.

All in all I can’t find a reason why the Tripp isn’t a 10/10. It’s a pub that knows what it wants to be and is doing a damn fine job.

Address Details

10 Wick Lane
BH23 1HX

Tel: 01202 490498