Thin Wire Fence + Beartown Zodiac + Duveaux @ Chaplins

Not having been down to the excellent Chaplins in a while we decided to take in the Beartown Zodiac Album launch and get more than we bargained for…

Part of the Burrow stable, Beartown Zodiac have released a follow up album to their successful 'Karaoke Bites'  and on Friday we trundled along to the launch event.

Surprise number 1 was that, eschewing tradition they were to be in first support slot rather than the more usual headline. As David explained later this was so that they could get away in good time so that his pregnant wife could get some well deserved sleep. We'll let you off then.

Kicking off the night were Isle of Wight band Duveaux, a group I'd heard good things about but had never managed to catch. As it turned out it was worth going along to see this tight and enthusiastic band.

Duveaux give the impression of being the bastard love child of Bruce Foxton and Damon Albarn as they play moddish, catchy indie tunes with a bit of a poppy edge. Frontman Dan makes the best of a small amount of space he has on the cellar bar stage and leads well and what is evident is that they have been working hard on getting the group as tight as possible.

A very pleasant surprise indeed.

Next up the (sort of) headliners Beartown Zodiac hit the stage. Sadly it was a hit that was somewhat delayed due to a few technical gremlins and it was possibly this that caused a somewhat hesitant and almost nervous start.

However after a couple of tracks they hit their stride and we start to hear some of the quality that is in evidence on their latest CD.

The album is duly played along with a couple of their older tracks and warmly received by the crowd. Kudos here to the Duveaux chaps and their acolytes who had stuck around to support the other bands appearing.

We'll do a more in depth review of the album 'Star Map Home' shortly but suffice it to say that it  includes some intelligent writing and interesting music.

Finally we get a non surprise.

We've seen Thin Wire Fence a few times now and they never disappoint.

A classic example of a band who appear to be having more fun than the audience they launch into a set full of superb British/Americana/country.

Professional and polished they look easy in front of the Cellar Bar and the crowd respond with dancing and general merriment.

TWF move between Springsteen-esque rock and good ole country and pretty much every stop inbetween but with a British sense of humour.

Particularly enjoyed was the love-song-that-is-really-a-sex-song.

Finishing off the night with a well deserved encore they put the seal firmly on a very enjoyable evenings' live music.

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Beartown Zodiac are here

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A few pics from the night

Beartown Zodiac


Thin Wire Fence

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