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If you've ever spoken to comedians at length (and lets be honest comedians always go on at length) the conversation will get round to difficult halls like the Glasgow Empire. It's a kind of war story that proves their chops. Last night at the Horse and Jockey in Charminster Tim Somerfield in his Afro Ninja guise had one of those character building evenings. Hampered by a guitar that refused to stay in tune and a bit of an old sore throat, you'd think that anything else would prove the straw that broke the camels back however Tim put up with working right next to the ladies toilets, a crowd that liked to shout out requests but resolutely refused to applaud and a loose dog that took a liking to wandering round his feet when Tim was giving it his all. (honestly, it was a big boxer dog) Even so the ninja refused to buckle and gave a spartan and mildly enthused crowd more than they could have reasonably expected. The first half went reasonably well and Tim gave a good account with versions of Bill Withers and Radiohead toons together with a rather unusual acoustic version of Word Up. Something that I never thought I'd hear.

Particularly impressive was All Along the Watchtower and Whiskey in the Jar.

Equally impressive was Tims' ability to wing it and the crowd made full use of this by turning the second half into a request show. Luckily there were some decent requests although in fairness I could've done without Bruno Mars and Michael Jackson making an appearance. Sorry.

All in all the venue got full value for their money and the crowd got entertained despite their best efforts. Full marks for Tim who handled the whole lot with good humour.

Next time he's in Chaplins or O'Neills check him out.

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