Tom Clements Live at The David Hall – review

Tom Clements is one of the hardest working local acts around and his latest EP 'Live at The David Hall' builds impressively on his gigging experience.

Releasing a live EP is a brave decision for an artist, after all recording in a studio gives full control over your eventual sound and it would have been easy for TC to go the studio route seeing as he owns one! 

Filled with his own original material the disc gives an insight into what the listener can expect from one of Toms very enjoyable live shows.

Launching the EP into the world is 'Spiral' an ode to the full time work that TC has managed to avoid for a few years due to the plethora of gigs he's knocked out.

Despite the mildly depressing subject matter the high tempo acoustic guitar a strangely upbeat feel, with a modern folky vibe going on. We also get the first sight of Toms' prowess with the loop pedal, allowing him to get a much phatter sound than one-man-and-a-guitar should reasonably expect.

If you're chap then you've probably been given the runaround by a female and 'I don't know' speaks of frustration. Who knows what they want eh Tom? Not me.

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New for the disc is 'My addiction' which takes the tempo down a little but gives us more of the loop pedal mastery . A welcome addition to the catalogue it's pure Tommy C with some intricate layering and a lyrically interesting storyline.

One of my favourite TC songs turns up in fourth spot with 'Seven years'. Admittedly this is an obligatory break up tune, of which genre I have written dismissivly in the past however in this case it is performed admirably and is a good inclusion in the tome.

Rounding off the collection is 'Moments' , yet another good example of a story within a song that deserves a proper listen.

All in all Tom Clements' EP 'Live at The David Hall' is once again a really good release proving the professionalism and virtuosity of one of the south's best proper working musicians.

Personally I'd give it a go if I were you!


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