Tripwire – EP review

Dark and dangerous – we asked our Dean to review the latest EP from local band Tripwire and he finds much to commend it

     A hateful, thrashy, nostalgic heavy biker metal 5 piece, by the equally dark name of ‘Tripwire’ are the most recent of my attention grabbing discoveries from the ever impressive local South Coast Bournemouth metal scene.

With a very clear distinct influence from the likes of Sepultura, and an early Slipknot, the 5 individual masked self acclaimed ‘tormented souls’ have produced a very impressive and individual first EP, ‘Dissentient part 1’.

The Disc showcases chuggy riffs, solid breakdowns and throaty bellows from the founding members Aaron , Jay, Hammer , Deus and Joe, containing 4 true thrash metal singles, all hatefully named and sounding in nature. Most impressive is, in my opinion the opening track entitled ‘Decimation’ upon which a stylish official video can be found on youtube published by ‘blank tv’ channel, known for its broadcasts of up and coming hardcore, punk and indie genres. (see below- ed.)

Up and coming is by far the correct, if understated, term for the undeniably strong release from Tripwire. The band has been running since 2013 and have a big repertoire of gigs within South England metal venues, from repeat performances in the grungy Bournemouth favourites SoundCircus and the Anvil, the band have also ventured to the equally metal driven city of Southampton and played in the likes of Finns (a venue recently visited by my prior local discovery of the very talented Griever camp) and also rocked the Poole scene.

The likes of a nostalgic sounding hardcore thrash band, in such a local area, just shows how diverse and ‘on the up’ the metal scene within Bournemouth and surrounding towns, is becoming at the moment. my journey of discovery of these talents seems to only just began, Tripwire are no doubt to be following me throughout this ‘tour’ as the insinuated title of the EP ‘ Dissentient part 1’ suggest, Part two is always to follow, and I'm eager to see what twisted rage has inspired the next works of Tripwire into producing part two!

Hopefully I will be sure to find this out when I see them at my local venues within Bournemouth. I recommend any metal fan to do so as well, as the scene within your town most defiantly needs you, as much as you need it.

You can find Tripwire on Facebook

and on Soundcloud

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