Undercover festival – cheeky bit of loud

Gutted that 1 D have broken up? Why not ease the pain by discovering music instead?

If you are of the loud persuasion then a weekend of punk, post punk, reggae and dub may well be right up your street at the Undercover 3 festival.

For no apparent reason this sneaky little punk festy passed me by. Time to put that right methinks

The third iteration of what looks like three days of great music and high jinks gets underway on 18th September (is it really September already?) over in Woking.

Scanning the line up reveals a large selection of the newly burgeoning punk scene with some proper reprobates being booked.

It's an interesting mix. What with the somewhat turbulent history of bands over the last few decades then as you'd expect there is a smattering of groups that used to be, or used to be in other bands. Hence XSLF (ex-stiff little fingers) and TV Smith out of The Adverts.

There are tribute bands too with The Sex Pistols Experience and all girl Ramones cover Ramonas (see what they did there?).

Friday headliners are the interesting Peter and the Test Tube Babies. Del Strangefish et al are originals of the 70s punk genesis and have been working ever since. Witty yet sophisticated with it *cough* they finish up the first day.

Punk princes and legends The Damned lead the Saturday line up. I thought about writing a little bit about them but I'm going to be honest if you don't know who The Damned are then you really need to ask your dad or get out a bit more. Seriously? Put simply they are worth the entrance fee alone.


Charlie Harper leads legends of the punk scene and Sunday Headliners the UK Subs on an outing that will be a draw for all true punk fans. The subs, who have been touring for 35 years always give forth a seriously good set and it's one to look forward to.


Have a wander along to the Undercover site and check out the line up and the vibe. It could well be a good end to your festival season.




Damned photo credit: Dod Morrison photography

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