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We set up this site to help artists and venues with their live music endeavours. It's important to us that live music survives and thrives in today's difficult commercial environment

That having been said, we reserve the rights to all materials published on this site. We go to a lot of time, trouble and expense to try and do our best for artists to promote their wares and we expect people to respect our rights in return.

You're welcome to use any pics or videos we have taken and quote any articles you find. We won't charge you for usage if you want to post to your website, facebook,Instagram or twitter pages and posts.

However there are some rules and these are non negotiable. For free use of any of our material you must not under any circumstances remove or obscure our watermark. If you do then we reserve the right to make a post usage charge at our discretion.

If you are using our material on any merchandise including (but not limited to) EPs, Albums, t shirts, posters, books etc. whether tangible or in electronic format then you must ask us first. It's simple politeness. Of course we'll be delighted if you think our stuff is good enough but please be respectful.

If you are print press, agents, booking company,venue or any other organisation, whether commercial or not again you must talk to us first BEFORE using our materials. If you use our stuff either in public or just for your own use then we reserve the right to charge you, especially if you think you can just steal it. That's just you being mean.

If these conditions seem harsh then please think about how you'd feel if someone took your song, put their name on it and told everyone that they wrote it. You'd be a bit miffed.

so the message is play nice

If you want to find out more about copyright theft of photography then try this link

So here's the legal bit.

All rights are reserved

Stuart Walker reserves the right to be identified as the author and producer of all works on this website

Any unauthorised broadcasting, public performance, copying or editing will constitute an infringement of copyright and the owner reserves the right to charge for use and/or require usage to be stopped at his sole discretion

Photographs, articles, quotations, videos and soundfiles, whether in part or in whole may be used free of charge only on Facebook, Instagram, twitter and on the personal website of any band member or individual artist provided that the credit is shown on the face of the work. Removal of electronic credits within the file or exif data is not permitted. Selling without prior written consent prohibited. Obtain permission before redistributing. In all cases copyright notice/disclaimer must remain intact

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