Walk the night – review

Friday night and it’s off to The Winch…

I'm due to meet competition winner Timmy P so he can experience the rock gods that are Walk The Night (should that be capitalised? No?) and the ambiance of The Winch.

Alex the promoter is on the door and we have a chat about great bands and find out we have a good friend in common, small world. Send the missus in first just in case there's another band in there that I've upset with a bad review. Missus signals the all clear.

Meet up with boss Mark and we have a chat about great bands we know whilst he puts on another barrel. The lovely Ella sets up a bottle of Doombar. Result.

There's a double bill tonight, Ed Cox is headlining with Walk the night (see what I mean?) as support. Go back to see Alex to see if he can work out how to describe Cox. Epic fail.

I'm struck by the musical maturity of the band several times during the set. They're still only young but have been playing for years and it's interesting how, unlike many rock bands they don't feel the need to turn every instrument up to 11. There's an amount of subtlety there despite the sledgehammer power of the frontman's voice.

I very much enjoyed the Scotty Farron bass too. From the off it was evident how much of an anchor that provides for the guys and their music.

Anyone who has read my review of their alter ego covers incarnation Colt 45 will know that I'm an avowed fan of the band so read my comments with that in mind, but when you exist on a diet of bland covers bands with uninspiring performances and little or no character then seeing a musical combo with something a bit different is worth celebrating IMHO.

The set comes to an end and there's a warm if not effusive reception from the thickening crowd.

The guys clear their kit and Ed Cox takes the stage. The moment his accordion ( I kid you not) strikes up the student contingent in the room immediately begin to dance. As Little Gigsandbands said later upon seeing the video "There's not much blood in their alcohol streams".

I was hoping to have a chat after with the chaps but as I was busy photographing a clown (no really, he was a clown) they appeared to have beat a hasty retreat. I don't blame them!

I'm looking forward to seeing the guys again in the near future with a different type of audience. Overall I'm struck by the thought that a live gig really is a shared experience. It takes a band and crowd in sync for the night to be a special one and sadly on Friday night only the band turned up.

So I spot Scotty heading towards the bar and waylay him for a chat. He explains how they've been having a great time in Reading (is that possible?) working on band type stuff but are stoked to be playing their home town and blowing some cobwebs away.

I ask about Camden Rocks where the band are booked and Scotty tells me that it's going to be mahoossive and that they are taking a bunch of people up there. We look uneasily around and the bassist volunteers that they seem to have a better following in London due to their management being based that way and more effort being directed towards the capital.

Makes sense I suppose.

Finally the band take to the stage and Chris gives it plenty right from the start. Oddly the crowd appear pretty much nonplussed.

Three songs in and it's clear the crowd don't get it. The band aren't getting a huge amount back from them and despite Chris' best efforts there's not a lot of love around. I confess to being confused at this point.

Undeterred the band played on, with the superb stick work of Andy L Smooth and some great axe interludes from Rus Scagell there was certainly no lack of quality.WTN play straight up old school rock. Think early Queen, the Guns N Roses of paradise city or a speeded up Zep. It's clear that there's no lack of talent there not only with regards to musicianship but also in the songwriting stakes. Have a listen on soundcloud to No1. and you'll get the gist.

I really enjoyed what was possibly the longest pause ever in a live set. This however only seemed to confuse the crowd even more. What could possibly be going on?


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