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The whole point of this site is to help bands get recognition and one of the ways we do that is to review both your live work and recorded stuff. In general we focus on Dorset based ( and particularly Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch) bands but if you are visiting the area to play then we'll review you too.

Live shows

If you have a live show you want us to see then let us know. Step 1 is to get it listed. Step 2 is to interact: send a mail to stuart@gigsandbands.com, talk to us on twatter or facebook and tell us why we should turn up.

If there's a door charge then you'll need to put us on the guestlist and it'd be peachy if you could also provide a bit of bio(biographical information and not the small bottles of plant fertilizer) beforehand.

Other stuff

It may be you have something else going on and you want some noise around. The simple answer is to tell us. If you want us to do a comp then give us a prize. Tickets, EPs and merch always goes down well and drive traffic and followers to your site and facebook/twitter page.

Please note that I generally only publish a review if you don't stink. I won't say you're great when you are not but I will offer constructive criticism. But also remember that you may catch me after a bad day at work and just like anything the reviews are written subjectively from the POV of the reviewer.

That having been said everyone involved with the site is a live music nut so the likelihood is that we'll love what you do, you'll get a great review, some superb pics and a load of publicity around your work so don't delay - get in touch!


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