Xander and the Keys – People that I know

Blasting out a decidedly alt-rock tune, Xander and the Keys have let forth a really rather good single in their latest.

Xander and them Keys have been around town for a while now and have been working the usual live haunts, gathering a growing kudos and fanbase.

It's pleasing however to see a recorded release to see if some of the newer live stuff translates well to vinyl or whatever format floats you boat.

The single starts off with a decidedly Two Door Cinema Club theme before stepping up a gear into the full on phat guitar sound that X&TK do so well. There's a bit of a funk bass and surging rhythm guitar coupled with pulsating drums and whilst complex in places it's not overly so.

Lyrically it sounds like a rock rage against shyness and fellow musicians will recognise the "I found my voice right here" line as an all to often experienced antidote to social awkwardness.

Pretentious it's not though, with lots of noise and IMHO a bucket full of what X&TK do best. Allens' in fine vocal form and is giving it plenty and you really do get a sense of what these guys are capable of when on their game.

I think these chaps are sitting in the up elevator and there is a lot more to come. This single is heartily recommended as one to add to the collection and at 75p not only will you get a deal, you'll also be allowed to have a smug 5 minutes knowing you have helped one of the areas better up and coming bands.

People that I know is released alongside the totally different acoustic version of Cigarette Blues. Whatever happened to B sides?

It's a change of pace but again features the heartfelt vox of Allen and is an enjoyable companion piece.

The single 'People that I know' is available now in the following stores:

itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/people-that-i-know/id946885231?i=946885287

Amazon Mp3: http://www.amazon.co.uk/People-That-I-Know-Single/dp/B00QGFVGTC

Google Play:https://play.google.com/store/music/album?id=B34fvt5c7cbawiawqtfcn4y4hgy&tid=song-Tmmqlvjcmioqbc64duva6sbnrqa&hl=en_GB

The guys have put these up for FREE listening on their soundcloud (but please spare the 75p and buy yourself a copy)

PEOPLE THAT I KNOW https://soundcloud.com/xanderandthekeys/people-that-i-know

CIGARETTE BLUES - ACOUSTIC VERSION https://soundcloud.com/xanderandthekeys/cigarette-blues-acoustic


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